Rocío Montoya


By interjecting colorful animal elements with earthly elements within contemplative portraits Rocío creates compelling narratives on themes of identity and human emotion. Most intriguing about her work is the imperceptible sense of wonder and yearning to understand that transmits from it’s beauty. Her symbolic and visually stunning work is fueled by a strong desire to express her inner curiosities and emotions.  This drive results in liberating, experimental collages that allow the viewer an opportunity to identify parts of their own personality in her art. In the following interview the Spain based artist shares insight on her creative process and the importance of artistic experimentation.



What excites you most about creating your work?

I am very restless and encounter in the artistic creation the balm that relieves my stress generated by the routine. The feeling is hard to explain in words. It's like a new trip with each project, I just let myself go and I find it very satisfying to find in the arts an escape to reality and a tool to express my perceptions of the environment around me.




You also work as a graphic & editorial designer. Is your creative process for graphic design similar or different to how you approach your personal work?

It is similar but not the same. I'm usually more organized when it comes to an editorial or graphic design work, while the personal photography and collage step is left to improvisation. I always think the concept previously (in all cases) but I think I feel much freer when I develop my personal work without orders, etc. The points in common between all my projects are always the same: study the concept, find references and make sketches for the development of the idea.


What was your inspiration behind your Eraser self-portrait series? Is the string coming from your mouth meaningful?

My series "Eraser" explores hidden places inside me that I myself didn’t know existed. It was like a personal exercise of reflection on my own emotional nature. We live in a world where you barely a breath, everything happens too fast and I think we lose part of our essence as living beings along the way. This project refers to the loss of identity that we suffer in this society, doomed to go along without asking ourselves how we want or need to live to feel full. The string in this case, represents my own fears, which remain anchored in the depths of my being but also seeking an outlet to the outside.




Your work is very versatile, how do you find the courage to freely experiment and not hold back? Do you consider how your finished projects will be perceived by others?

I love experimenting with different techniques because I think if I always did the same thing I would get bored and leave this profession. I really do not take myself too seriously. I like to organize my creative projects like games, and feel free from bias or complexities. It is very gratifying that people appreciate your work, but you have to be yourself and be inspired by your own needs, your work will be more authentic. I do not think it's healthy for the mind raising your work based on the future reviews.


Creating art is sometimes thought of as a type of therapy. Would you agree? How does creating your art affect your state of being?

Yes, of course. For me it is. I could not imagine my life now without the development of my ideas and the implementation of these. I think without my artistic creations life would feel very empty, but I'm really not sure because I've never stopped! Normally my works are not a reflection of my mood. My work suggests ideas or concepts that I observe and cause me to be curious, they are more general reflections on aspects of the human condition and the surrounding environment.