Robyn walsh


Robyn Walsh's photography is full of mystery, femininity and an exhilarating sense of adventure. The Boston based photographer is a wanderer of the world, shooting in California deserts, ocean towns of Nova Scotia, Brooklyn cityscapes and every where in between. As a lover of natural light she uses what the world offers for storytelling, such as a melancholy rainy day or a seductive evening glow. She is constantly creating new work and has over 1,400 portfolio worthy images on her widely followed PONYGIRL_ Instagram account. Her exploratory nature is revealed in her ever-changing experiments with movement, gesture, unique angles, double exposure and still life. Her view on the world is fresh and inspiring, in the following interview she shares more on her inspirations and creative process.


Your ability to reveal the beauty, emotion and personality of both landscapes and people is extraordinary. Why does the combination of people existing within nature interest you?

I'm in love with the outdoors.  Nothing compares to the natural light in the late afternoon, and early morning.  People are my favorite subjects to photograph.  So, combining the two only seems right to me.  When I'm shooting girls in nature, I always want them to have a sense of confidence, as if wherever we are is their home, and they need to protect it.  

How has your artistic process changed since you first began photography? How do you continue to grow and challenge yourself creatively?

When I first started shooting, I was always taking photos of people jumping in the air and posing in beautiful places.  I had a tiny little point and shoot camera.  One day I realized I needed to save up for a DSLR.  It was kind of a natural process from there.  I'm constantly searching for new places to shoot, staring out my window as I drive.  I'm always trying to make my photography look surreal, but with no special effects or photoshop.  That can be challenging at times, but it just keeps me going and wanting to shoot more and more.


What are some of your internal influences? Does your own personality or current state of mind reflect through your images at all?

I think my own personality definitely reflects through my images.  Beyond that, I think the elements of nature influence me internally in a strong way.  If its raining and stormy and windy out, I find myself frantically searching for someone to go out into the thick of it and model for me.  

What excites you most about creating your work?
The whole process excites me, but I think the final product excites me the most.  Working with people is always such a great experience, because you're creating together. Being able to show them the final product is one of my absolute favorite things to do. 








 As far as narrowing down your favorite images from a session, what do you look for when you are editing?

I look for the most natural and emotional looking photos.  I love motion, so the moments where someones hair or clothing is blowing in the perfect way, are my favorite.  

Where do you think your affinity for capturing femininity comes from?

I love shooting all kinds of women, they all bring their own individual feeling to a photograph.  Femininity to me, is poise and strength, and thats what I want to portray, even if I'm not thinking about it in the moment.  I think capturing femininity, for me, is just something that naturally happens, over all.