Marjolein Banis is a Netherlands based photographer that continuously challenges our ideas on what photography should be by exploring innovative ways to share visual stories. She incorporates mixed media and utilizes a variety of creative tools and lighting techniques. From hand-printing film to digital collage projects She is not afraid to experiment, and these creative risks pay off with imagery that is both beautiful and well-crafted. Her work ranges from playfully vibrant, to dark and brooding. Themes reflecting in her images include personal transformation, discovering one’s true self, sensuality and rebellion. She appears to be simultaneously exploring the human psyche as she explores the artistic process. It’s exciting to see an artist bend the rules and stay true to their vision and passion.




Your work incorporates a broad range of techniques and materials but it still maintains a recognizable look through out. Do you have any advice for artists on how to find and develop their own personal style?

Thanks! I personally don't focus on my style but I guess if you work on something that’s prepared with care and stands close to you that will show. It can be difficult if you want to publish something for [a magazine]. I get a lot of 'great work but it does not fit our style' replies. But if I would create something that is already there (and will fit styles easily) why would we spend time on that in the first place. That one can be done in a commercial job already.


Can you tell us about future projects and goals that you will be working towards this year?

This year is about small teams, darker light, and more detailed concepts. It will take more time to prep with the team, but keeping it small I think will give more awesomeness back, and I hope to do a lot of work on location, outdoors


Why is photography your choice of medium for expression?

It’s a medium that focuses out of the world, it’s very direct and I love the tinkering with light (well better said shadow). Also working with this medium gives me the opportunity to capture digitally and choose if it will be analog so I can play with chemicals and more light. Photography (of people) is teamwork which is something inspiring as well!


The wardrobe styling and make-up in your fashion work is highly stylized and creative, how do you translate your vision and ideas to your team? What aspect of working with others do you enjoy most?

I make a conceptual inspiration document with all kinds of imagery, pass that on and all team members go about and make their own mood board focusing on their field of work. I love it when people plan and own a concept and take the liberty to get inspired by what they feel and see during a shoot. There we can start to make something unique and rise above ourselves when collaborating. (I call it adhoc working) Furthermore working with young designers gives us the opportunity to work with innovative high-fashion pieces and the have the liberty not to conform to any style.


Your photography is emotive and thought provoking, where do you find your inspiration? Does your mood and daily life affect your ideas?

My inspiration is in stories, everyday life and things indeed. I love the world but like escaping it and creating our own world. It’s awesome we have a medium that gives us the opportunity to create something on its own, and because it’s a living idea it can become more than an image on itself. Because it’s a process moods and instances don't matter that much.